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Nicole Groß

Nicole Groß

Zodiac: Northern Lights
Best Friend: Coffee
If not Frankfurt, then: Hammock in the South Seas
Official job description: Bookings & Events
Infact: Airport Shuttle and mixtape hopper

Born in the 70s in Friesland  Nicole discovered her passion for music  early on, much to the chagrin of her father (O-Ton: "Stop singing right there, the flies already drop dead from the ceiling"). After the professional singing career was not promoted, after high school a horizon expanding journey began with acvities in a casino and the gastronomy before the path led back to the music: Seven years Nicole took care of the bookings and events at the Velvet Club in Frankfurt and Adlib and laid there the foundations for the great dream: PHAT DUCK


RT @FalkoNiestolik: Save The Date -> 2 #phatduck Artist in The Same Club -> CITYBEATS ( Salzburg ) @TimRoyko @PhatDuckAgency https://t.co/X
RT @FalkoNiestolik: Waiting ! 2 days until The Release of a New musican time ... But #DontGiveUp https://t.co/WYJ9fHmzCC @rundbnrec @PhatDu
RT @djcheetoz: The 4th day in the chart has just begun, and we have almost covered half of it! #52 [Cheetoz - Girlz Ask] on... https://t.co

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Sigmund-Freud-Straße 54
60435 Frankfurt am Main
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